Saafir G./ Dog Walker

    • Availability: Part Time
    • Saturday Hours: 9am-1pm & 5pm -7pm 
    • Sunday Hours: 9am -1pm & 5pm-7pm 
  • Saafir has a natural connection with animals. Native of Chicago, now a Floridian. Being a loving and generous young man he has opened his home to many stray kittens off the streets, fed them, cleaned them and made sure they had everything they needed to thrive in a happy home, from his home to others.  
  • To be so young he has extensive knowledge of the different breeds of dogs and cats. 
  • He decided to become a dog walker because of his deep love for dogs but saw an opportunity to work for himself, and get free cuddles.
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Team Pack Leaders: Here at Moment To Pawz Pet Service we take a lot of care and pride in selecting wonderful pet pack leaders that will provide the best pet service for your pet(s). We know how much people deeply love their pets, that love runs deep as we are pet parents too. Below are the pack leaders and their bios.