Please read all policies before booking any and all pet services. Once payment for any and all pet services are made all policies go into full effect. We are not responsible if you do not read policies first. Let's create a fair, easy, and smooth experience for your pet(s). They look forward to their time away from you.


               Dog Walks Service terms and conditions, policies will be emailed to you once we schedule a home visit. Thank You!              

                                                                                                 Benefits of hiring a Dog Walker:

 1. Pets need regular and consistent excercise to live long, healthy and happy lives.                                                                                                            2. Walks stimulate your dog's senses.                                                                                                                                                                                              3. Simply put, a tired dog is good dog.                                                                                                                                                                                          4. Hiring a dog walker gives you the peace of mind that your dog is well taken care of, even when you aren't at home.                                           5. With a regular dog walker, your dog still gets all of the excercise and the attention they deserve, while you get back a great deal of time.        




                                                      Medications / Vaccinations/ Fleas & Ticks: Applies to any and all Pet Services

  Moment to Pawz Pet Service will attempt to administer medications as directed on the prescription but cannot be held responsible for   complications that arise as a result of following all prescription procedures. Parents must fill out a Medical Care Release Form and   Medicine Administration Form before any medicines, supplements etc. etc. is administered.  Animals with severe medical problems and   contagious illness not be serviced under no circumstances. Moment to Pawz Pet Service requires that all pets have all the necessary up to   date vaccinations and immunizations before pet service begins. If a Moment to Pawz Pet Service team member and other pet clients are     bitten and exposed to any disease and ailment received from an owner-pet(s), which have not been properly taken care of by a vet and         currently vaccinated, the owner will be 100% responsible for all costs and damages that may incur.

                                                                        For Flea/Tick Situations Involving an Owner's Pet(s)
  It is every pet Owner's responsibility to have his/her pet(s) up to date on a form of flea and tick control. Both Desla Epison, Moment  To       Pawz Pet Service and Pet Owners acknowledge and agree that, to the extent any situation arises where the Owner's pet(s) introduces     fleas/ticks on their pet(s) in the sitters home, the guardian of said pet(s) shall be held 100% responsible for all costs associated with fleas     and/or flea/tick prevention and removal. It is the responsibility of all Owner's to disclose any knowledge of flea/tick issues associated with   their pet(s) to Desla Epison/Moment To Pawz Pet Service before any pet service is rendered.


                                                                                 Abandon Policy: Applies to any and all Pet Services

  Hoping this does not happen. When your pet(s) service is complete unless you book another service with us again you must pick up your   pet(s) on the last day of service. No exception!

  If you abandon your pet(s) in our care. We have the right to report your actions to the appropriate authorities, give your pet up for adoption   if we are not able to contact you and your emergency contacts within 48 hours. All expenses incurred during this time period the owner will   be held 100% liable for reimbursement and if the owner does not take full responsibility for expenses paid, legal action will be made.  All   paid for pet services will not receive a refund nor credit.  If the owner chooses to surrender all rights to your animal(s) with a signed animal   surrender contract leaving them in my care no refund will be issued as well.


                                                           Cancellation/Late Fees & refunds:  Applies to any and al Pet Services

  Late fees are as follows: Moment To Pawz Pet Service requires teamwork and good communication to create a really good pet service for   your pet(s). We do our best to be as flexible with your time, we appreciate those that respect our time as well. We also do our best to   communicate effectively with you when sudden changes arise that may prevent us from providing pet service, we ask for the same respect   as well.

 For every 30 mins, there is a $5.00 fee/$10.00 per hour late fee that will be applied to your next booking. No Exceptions!! 

 Though I do understand things happen that cause plans to change. Make sure you are absolutely sure before booking pet service, Paypal   charges us a refund fee which we will charge you for the next pet service you book. We will charge a cancellation fee as well to compensate   us for our time preparing a spot for your pet(s). Parents that do not call to reschedule/forget/do not show up for their pet(s) scheduled pet   service no refund nor a credit will be issued. If cancellations/no call-no show become out of control we will terminate our pet service   relationship with you and you must find another pet service provider.  No exceptions!

                                                                                                   For Cancellations- This is how it works:  

 You have 4 days to notify us of cancellation of your booked and paid for pet service with us to receive a full refund.

 72-hour notice (3 days) of cancellation results in only a 50% refund credited back to you.

 48-hour notice (2 days) of cancellation results in only a 25% refund credited back to you. 

 Cancel on the day of service NO REFUND.


                                                                                                        Holidays Cancellations: 

 During the holidays we book up fast to the point we have to turn down customers which are not fair if you cancel. 

 Cancellations MUST be one week in advance in order to receive a FULL refund credited back to you.

 Less than one week notice we reserve the right to keep your FULL payment. 

 No refunds/price adjustments and credits will be issued for early arrivals.

 *All payments made to Moment to Pawz for Pet Service will be invoiced through Paypal. Please make sure to be clear before purchasing a     service as too not incur fees. Cancellation policies are subject to change at any time, we reserve the right.*


                                                                                Animal Behavior: Applies to any and all Pet Services

  Animal behavior can be unpredictable. Moment to Paw Pet Service does not accept responsibility for liability for animal behavior, normal   or otherwise, which results in injury to the clients animal(s) and themselves. Moment to Pawz Pet Service, does not accept responsibility     nor liability for animal injuries to the client's pet(s) that occurred way before a service was booked with us and if the clients pet(s) behavior   is high risk we reserve the right to terminate our pet service relationship, that is why it is important to tell us everything about your pet(s)   during the meet and greet. Moment To Pawz Pet Service has the right to turn down business from a client: If the client has lied about the   health and behavior of their pet(s), depending on the injury and animal behavior that we see during a meet and greet, and a booked   service. Further, if a Moment to Pawz Pet Service team member is severely injured by the client's pet(s) which results in hospitalization,   the client/owner of the pet(s) accepts full 100% responsibility for the cost of any necessary medical attention/bills required by me/ our     pet care provider. The owner of the pet(s) is also 100% responsible for the cost of any necessary medical hospitalization/bills etc. for any   pet(s) injured by their pet(s) during any and all pet services. Moment to Pawz Pet Service will terminate a service with an owner if their   animal displays super aggressive behavior causing bruises, has severe dominance issues, destroying property, severe separation anxiety,   biting thus creating an environment of stress, tension/harm toward the animals/humans in our space.


                                                                        US Standard Holidays: Applies to any and all Pet Services

 Moment to Pawz Pet Service follows all US standard Holidays. If you book on any of those holidays whether you celebrate them or not   holiday pricing still applies. If Moment to Pawz Pet Service is going to be closed for any reason and during the holidays we make it a point   to inform you a month in advance in the Whats App Parent Group so you can make other accommodations for your pet(s).

 Holiday Pricing as specified on the service and pricing page applies during the holiday time frame.  No price adjustments will be made for   early arrivals and/or early pickups for your pet(s).

 Holidays include but are not limited to:

 Easter weekend (March 30th - April 1st)

 Memorial Day weekend (May 26th-May 28th)

 Fourth of July Weekend (July 2nd-July 4th )

 Labor Day Weekend (September 1st-September 3rd) 

 Thanksgiving Week (November 22nd-November 28th)

 Kwanzaa, Christmas through New Years (December 22nd-January 2nd)

 Holiday cancellations please read policies and are subject to change at any given time.



                                       Hurricane/Fire/any acts of nature/God Contingency Plan Applies to any and all Pet Services

  Moment To Pawz Pet Service is a Miami based pet service, in Miami we have Hurricane/Tornado season. Also at any given time a fire can   occur as well. Moment To Pawz Pet Service should always have your contact information on file for every trip you take so that we can   contact you in case of an emergency. During a hurricane/fire and any acts of nature/ God we also need to have a contact with who can pick   up/ take in your pet(s) if you cannot get home to care for them yourself and if we have not come up with another agreed plan of action.   Your contacts must have a way of picking up your pet(s) as well. We would be unable to evacuate all of our clients' pet(s) unless they are in   my establishment because during a time of such emergency, we will naturally be concerned about our own families and pet(s), we may     have to evacuate our families, pet(s), as well as all of our other client pet( s) to make sure we are safe. Please make sure to stay informed of   the weather in your areas and if you decide to book pet service during the hurricane season make sure that we have all updated shot   records, extra food, accurate/updated rabies, identification tags and any other items that you as the parent feel will be important for your   pet(s) during that time. Your animals and my safety are very important to us and we strive to make sure that everyone is safe. You as the   parent must make sure that we have everything we need so in the event we must evacuate it's a smooth transition. We cannot guarantee   that communication will be accessible during that emergency (i.e power outage, no reception etc.) but will do our best to let you know that   your pet(s) are safe and sound once we are able. No price adjustments nor refunds will be credited nor refunded to you for any early     arrivals.         



                                                                                 Meet and Greet Applies to any and all Pet Services

  New Clients there must be a meet and greet before booking pet service. It's important for me to have their vet information and     emergency numbers at the time of booking. Pet Reservations/tenting/calls do not hold, save nor book slots for any pet services without 1/2   the deposit or full payment NO exceptions. 

  Your pet(s) will be boarding with other dog (s). It's important to share ALL information with me about your pet(s) i.e. behavior, anxiety,     spraying, chewing, your pet(s) health, diet, etc. that allows us to prepare, my family and the other pet(s) during a service, so you the owner     can rest knowing your pet(s) are properly cared for.