Making Pets Happy 

While we aim for happy pet parents, we aim even more for happy pet clients.  Our goal is to have your pet(s) want to come back to us and that would make us happy. 


                                                                           Pet parents welcome

 Most things about our pets are not always deal breakers its   who they are and we   must   keep in mind their back ground  story i.e. abuse, neglect and genetics etc. 

    Minor things that are important to know: marking the house, mild or high nervousness,   high energy pet(s) requiring exercise, anti-social, separation anxiety and very mild   aggression due to being nervous, are you training your pet(s), do you coddle certain   behavior? Are you afraid to add structure, order, and discipline to your dog's behavior   thinking it would be harsh?  

  Do not be afraid to share everything with us. Would you rather us know if we are the best     pet service provider for your pet(s) in the beginning then to have issues later?

   Major things that are important to know: Separation anxiety- What level of anxiety does   your pet have? Mild or severe?  What kind of consistent structure do you implement for   your pet(s) so their anxiety lessens? How can we work together as a team are you open are     to suggestions and advice? All of this will determine your pet(s) level of comfort and our   professional relationship. Keep in mind too that we are a family ran business and we have   neighbors that totally respect the work that we provide and while providing care for your   pet(s) the need to respect them too is imperative.  

  Moment to Pawz Pet Service provides a peaceful, safe,  and nuturing space for each pet   client. We understand how important  it is for you (pet parent) to build trust, travel with   peace of mind, attend work with ease while taking time for yourself.

      Moment To Pawz Pet Service believes in teamwork. We create the best plan of service for     your pet(s). Honesty and effective communication are very important to us

                                                        Your pet(s) will thank you for it!   


                                                                    Your pet(s) are simply happy! 


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           All ages/breeds

Moment to Paws Pet Service will ONLY host friendly dogs, all ages/breeds are welcome. Our priority is creating a peaceful, loving and safe space for each pet in our care.